A rich man in a rich land

After church, my daughter and I walked through the Highland Park area of Dallas to Starbucks. Every house is a WOW!!! AIt is absolutely amazing the money that some people have! To this point, I am not one of them.

However, once again, as we walked, I saw that I am extremely wealthy in ways that are difficult to measure.

My daughter is a VERY successful young woman. In many ways, she has already surpassed me. I mean, I am not quite ready for Leisure World but I already realize that she is often just being polite as she listens to what I think she should do. She has already been there, sent out three e-mails, made four phone calls and spent time praying about it.

However, and this causes wonder in me, she still needs her father! Inwardly, I marveled at the wisdom that was passing through my mouth to help her with her perspective on different situations and difficulties that she is facing. I even stopped several times to write some of it down.

Clearly, I’m not THAT smart. If I was, I would be further along in life myself. No, I’m not that smart. However, I do realize one very important thing

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