It’s different now that I am here

It is colder here in Kansas than it was in Los Angeles!

I realize that is probably obvious but it still makes quite an impression when you experience it for yourself. I mean, I didn’t shiver when my wife or children would call me and tell me how cold it was (10-30 degrees) or that snow was falling AGAIN while I was in Los Angeles. In fact, I would tell them that it was cold where I was (40-60 degrees)!

Well, unfortunately, now that I am here in colder country and I have discovered that I don’t have very much clothing to keep me warm. Two of the items that DID get packed on the trailer are windbreakers with UCLA embrodiered on them. I am grateful because they are providing me with an extra layer against the colder air. 

However, I have noticed that I keep getting quite a few long, strange looks whenever I wear them. I haven’t been able to figure out why until today. I am in the middle of Kansas basketball country! KU is less than an hour away. And UCLA is in the Final Four!

My response to the long looks would be that although basketball was invented in Kansas, Los Angeles has pretty much been the epicenter since then with the Lakers and the Bruins. How many titles has Kansas won, anyway…???


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