Mighty Fine Finger Walking

The dentist office was on a horse farm, but a NICE horse farm.

The sign at the entry made me laugh. Painless Dentistry! Gas and other miracles performed here!

In the waiting room, I stirred up a conversation with an older man (that is getting harder to say each year). He had brought his daughter, a big wig with the U.N. over 80 miles away to see THIS dentist.

“That’s a long way to drive to see a dentist.”

“This guy is the best in the whole area.” It turns out that his daughter flew in from NY to see have some work done.

“That’s amazing. I just picked him out of the phone book.”

“Well, you have a very good finger!”

When he walked in, he looked to be in early 40’s. I asked his age. 60!!! Amazing! He quickly yanked out the offending tooth and collected his $200. By the way, doc, thank you for the Vicodin.

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