The Beautiful Letdown, Part 3: Offroading adventure

So Dodgeball and I drove to the house “right next to the church.”

As soon as we reached the dirt part of the road, I found myself driving on a levee with a lake on both sides.

And this road is not ‘washboard’ bumpy. It was more like “washed out” bumpy. You know, “let me drive 5 miles an hour and HOPE I don’t wreck my suspension” bumpy. VERY slowly around the lake. Aha, here is the second fork!

But this wasn’t just a fork in the road. This was a fork with a high degree of difficulty. The right road had a sign directing us to a retreat center. The left fork had a sign saying: “Authorized Vehicles Only.” She didn’t tell me about this…

I guess I can always tell whoever comes to arrest me for trespassing that my daughter authorized me to go to the left so that I could pick her up at some house that might be somewhere on this road, I THINK!*#)!

Well, wouldn’t you know it. A previously undisclosed THIRD FORK! Unbelievable! I went to the right. Around the bend I in fact saw a house! All that separated me from this house was …

a field of mud! (It has rained quite a bit here in Missouri. You know, floods…)

I drove and hoped! We made it across without getting stuck. Thank God!

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