The Beautiful Letdown, Part 5: My unplanned retreat

At this point, I was a beaten man. There is only one house on this road but my daughter is evidently not there. I assumed that she had gone somewhere.

I pulled to the side of the road next to the lake to wait for her return. It occurred to me that people actually come to this very spot to refresh and relax. So, remembering Pollyanna, I walked next to the lake and tried to embark on my own personal ‘retreat’.

While I was ‘relaxing’, two Canadian geese sidled over to feed themselves near the bench that I was sitting on. As I watched these beautiful birds plucking the grass, it occurred to me that they have quite a difficult task given to them. I mean how many blades of grass does a bird of that size have to pluck in a day to get full? It have to believe that a single blade of grass is very close to being a negative calorie food for a goose. Thank God that I am a human and that I live in the United States. I don’t have to work that hard to eat.

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