The Beautiful Letdown, Part 9: Redemption

When I parted company with my children after picking up the Nissan, neither they nor I were feeling ‘warm fuzzies’. They were chastened and I was attempting to regain my equilibrium. I was not angry with them. But I did not feel any compunction to patch things up quickly and smooth things over nicely. It would have been insincere.  It would have been false.

As young adults, they need to see the consequences of their actions. They need to realize that their lives affect other people and this will only increase as they move into the next phase of life. This afternoon, each of them had made unintentional mistakes that affected someone else.

As I drove home from the Apple store, I mentally prepared for meeting my children. I realize that this is not their character. It is an aberration. They are still young and prone to immaturity. However, I am ALWAYS looking for “teachable moments.” They would have time to reflect on the afternoon’s events. What could I teach them today that would help them? What mark could I make?

Well, when I got home, I was actually impressed with what I said.

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