I don’t think the Lord’s happy…

I had given up trying to find nice bookcases at inexpensive prices. Some of the nice ones listed on Craig’s List sold literally within minutes of their listing! I have never seen anything like it.

I had settled on some cheap shelves from Target that looked reasonably nice. The attendant informed me that their store did not have the three units that I requested. After checking online, she referred me to another store in the area that had 5 in their inventory.

Since it was 3:00, I picked my son up from school and then drove to new Target from the west side. As I turned right onto the street leading to the store, I noticed a “Going Out of Business” sign on a Home Furnishings store. I thought, “Hmmm, it won’t hurt to check”.

Inside, there was a beautiful, rustic bookcase made of old, unfinished wood on consignment. The original list price was $599. It was currently priced at $399.

I went to the counter and asked the following question: “What is your absolute, rock bottom, ‘kick-me-out-of-the-store-if-I-offer-you-$1-less’ price?”

She pulled out her calculator, punched the buttons for awhile and then answered “$239.”

As soon as the price left her lips, there was a bright flash of lightning followed INSTANTLY by the loudest thunder that I have ever heard. It shook all of the buildings in the area, knocked out the traffic lights. (I do not possess adequate skills to communicate the sheer power of that explosive sound. I will tell you this: my son is a stud wrestler. After an intense 2 hour wrestling practice, he said that his heart was still frightened 4 hours later!)

I looked at the woman with a straight face and said, “I don’t think that the Lord is happy with that price you just gave me. Are you sure that is your best price?” She burst out laughing.

She didn’t lower the price. I bought the bookcase.

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  1. Rosie says:

    Here’s the question that anyone who reads this wants answered:

    Did she lower the price? 😉

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