Houston, we have a problem!

I left Albuquerque this morning and resumed the eastward trek. Nearly three hours later, I was 10 miles west of Tucumcari when the something felt strange with the T-Bird. I slowed down…


then a strange pull.

I immediately pulled to the side of the road. I heard a loud thud and a sudden lurch.

As I pulled completely off the I-40, I saw my front left tire bouncing down the east I-40, roll across the 60 foot medium, across the west I-40 and up onto the hill! This is not good!

Amazingly, there were no cars near me so my car didn’t cause any further damage. Additionally, there were no cars traveling westbound on the I-40 so my overly exuberant tire didn’t cause any damage. These two facts became even more wonderful to me when I remembered that I had no insurance at the time of the incident!

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