Mission Accomplished

I pulled into Kansas City at 10:00 last night…

In the last 6 days, I have driven 2900 miles to complete a 1600 mile trip with gas at its highest price in the history of these United States. I have more gas receipts than I know what to do with!

2000 of those miles were driven in an uncomfortable, 13 MPG pickup truck with a radio that works whenever it feels like it, has no A/C and steering so loose that you feel like a skipper at the helm of a boat.

I have avoided citations for driving said truck while uninsured in 4 states.

I have been spared a major accident in New Mexico.

I have missed tornadoes in Kansas on two different nights.

I have had, not one, but two cell phones die on me.

I have changed time zones 7 times in the last 6 days.

I have slept in my truck in Newberry Springs, CA and Flagstaff, AZ and Pratt, KS.

I have spent $290 to sleep 5 nights in 4 different hotels in 3 different cities.

I have spent $488 to fix a car that I am towing and $83 on a truck that I tried to sell.

Needless to say…I AM TIRED

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  1. Jim Frazier says:

    Wow, you have worn me to a thread with all this adventure! I was just trying to muse on some benign, small town family blog that could put me to sleep at night. This past week was more like a blend of the “Jason Bourne” and Stephen King novels. I’m now afraid to get in my car, drive the Interstate, buy a cell phone, live in the Midwest, live in the Desert Southwest, watch the Wizard of OZ again, watch ‘Twister,” buy another Ford, actually have tires on my car, drive next to a car that has tires, stay in a motel 6, 7, or 8. Watch an armadillio show on Animal Planet. I may now have to enter therapy (for the 15th time!) This may top lighting the driveway on fire, falling from a 31/2 story building, have a vehicle roll off a cliff, eating only mackrel for 4 straight months. We’ll maybe not the mackrel, that got pretty ominous. Bottom line is, we’re glad to have you home, my family’s glad to have you home. Now we can get some much needed sleep. God bless the Ray-Ray, may his legacy live on…..

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