Little brother hits a home run

The rehearsal brunch was great fun.

The couple getting married are superstars in the making. He was a national debate champion, a future lawyer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

She, however, was also a national debate champion and a lawyer in the making. In fact, they had the same debate teacher and he said that the bride is the smartest student he had ever taught, and that included the groom! How in the world is the poor guy ever going to win an argument?!?!?!

Well, not my problem!

My oldest daughter, being one of the maids of honor, was asked to share her thoughts. She, being the fashion design major, went into an insightful, enlightening monologue on the color wheel and how complimentary colors bring out the best in each other and are more beautiful when they are put together than when they are viewed alone.

The best man, the grooms ‘little’ brother is a barrel chested tough guy in ROTC training that knows 5 languages and treats his mother and sister in such a way that makes all of the single women cry.

After expressing his heartfelt love for his older brother and sincerely honoring him, he shared that while growing up, he obviously couldn’t win an argument. He somehow even managed to lose the physical battles as well. Therefore, he was taking particular delight in the fact, and I quote, “that you are marrying someone who can kick your ass in both!”

I stood up with my arms raised! He knocked it out of the park!

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  1. Anson says:

    It goes show that woman is man’s best friend…little brother indirectly beats bigger brother with a woman…how ironic!!

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