A Good Excuse

20 minutes after we had left the reception last night, my son realized that he had left his expensive aviator sunglasses on our table. After a few quick calls, we learned that the bride’s father had picked them up. He just happens to be one of my best friends so we had a good excuse to meet for breakfast this morning at the Cracker Barrel! We really haven’t seen each other face to face for over a year.

I told him that I had started blogging. Initially, he was polite but not all that interested. After all, he is a VERY busy man.

However, as we kept talking and more of my recent trials and foibles came up, there was just wasn’t enough time to communicate in detail all that has happened in just the last two weeks, let alone the last year so I found myself repeatedly throwing my hands up in surrender, saying “You’ll have to read the blog.”

That seems to be a recurring refrain recently. There is just no way to communicate the excruciatingly maddening (and entertaining) details while conversing. I grow weary of hearing myself tell them and I imagine that my friends would grow weary of listening to every-little-detail.

Thus the beauty of blogging. I can write out all of the stupid little details and laugh out loud while doing it and people can hopefully laugh out loud while reading (“listening”) for as long or as short as they want.

To be truthful, I have thought that my life seemed very dull and difficult, at times unusually so. I never thought that it was all that interesting…

until I decided to record it here.

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