A negotiated victory

As I began my run this morning, my legs felt great! However, all during the first mile, my lungs were threatening a violent protest! I glanced down at my watch to see what kind of pace I was setting and realized that I had PUSHED THE WRONG BUTTON!

But, that has its advantages…I will have to estimate! I could even lie to myself without knowing it!

In the second mile, my will negotiated a brilliant settlement: my legs slowed down to a pace that my lungs could support and my lungs agreed to work a little harder.

By the third mile, all three components were working in sweet harmony. I was on a very good pace. My legs felt good, my lungs were up to the task.

In the fourth mile, they were still in harmony…

“OK, we can make it up the hill…

to the next street…

to the light.”

My legs were dragging. My side was hurting. And my will had shutdown. It had already decided that we were going to finish the run and it refused to reopen discussions for fear that it would cave in.

My time…adding in the unclocked segment, was very good!

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