What appointment?

I arrived at the Apple store on time for my 3:45 only to discover…

THAT I HAVE NO APPOINTMENT! I am on the standby list.

I stood by for 51 minutes. I was so hungry that I ASKED if I could slip out and get a coffee?

“Sure. If they call you, I will let them know that you will be right back.”

Off to Starbucks…

I happily returned to the “Genius Bar” only to hear “Sorry, called your name three times with no answer so I deleted your appointment as a no show.”

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”

Back on the standby list

10 minutes later, someone was actually looking at my computer!

The “Genius” (tech expert) called a “Creative” (software expert) over to see if there was a way to duplicate my files with more modern software (there wasn’t).

With all of the things that happen in my life that provide ample evidence that I am sometimes “mentally challenged”, it was encouraging that both of them were actually impressed with what I had done in formatting my Bible notes!

The bottom line…

They are keeping BOTH of my computers for three days!

I just want the new one to work. Nothing fancy.

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