All you need to do…

I drove to the Apple store for the THIRD time!

I waited “Standby” again!

I was helped by a different “Genius” this time. Evidently, he was more of a genius than the last guy!

Those thousands of files with the custom formats are all written with Appleworks.

The new genius confidently informed me,”Appleworks is no longer supported. It probably won’t work well with Leopard (the new operating system).”

“What can I do?”

“We can partition the hard drive and you can load your old operating system on it and then transfer all of your files.”

“That sounds great.”

He partitioned the drive (and named the partition with the new OS was named Leopard.) and sent me home with the following instructions:

“Just insert the disc with the old operating system on it. Restart you computer and hold down the “Option” key while it boots up. You will see the install disc, the Leopard partition and the Tiger partition. Choose the Install disc and load Tiger.”

That sounds pretty simple. Really. I can do that.

I left the Apple store encouraged that I am close to solving this problem.

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