This really simple thing

Well, I went home to carry out the “really simple” instructions and somehow it turned into a major ordeal.

I put the disc in like I was told.

I restarted the computer like I was told.

I held down the “Option” key like I was told.

But I did not see what the “Genius” said that I would see. The only thing that showed up was the “Leopard” partition.

Maybe I didn’t pay close attention to what he said…

I got out the manual.

“Insert the Install disc, restart the computer and hold down the “C” key while it reboots.”

I did EXACTLY that…

and my computer started as if nothing was different except that the login password cell was already filled with 134 “C’s” when it popped up!

Back to the manual…

hold down the “D” key while it reboots if the Install disk is a DVD.”

This time the password cell was full of “D’s”!

I called the Apple store.

“What I am supposed to hold down while restarting?”

“The option key.”

“I’ve done that and only the Leopard partition comes up.”

The “Genius” on the other end of the line then repeats what the other “Genius” had told me earlier in the day.


“Call Apple.”


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