A disguised blessing exposed

I am continually struck by the small things that God uses to lead us into His blessing and protection.

My son didn’t go to wrestling practice tonight. The coach told him to stay home.

I am not upset about that at all because ever since last weekend’s tournament, he has had a pounding light-headedness, flashing white lights and blurry vision. I didn’t know all of this until tonight. Se he will have five days of complete rest and then next week will attend a wrestling camp at his high school that will demand much less physical exertion than his normal practices at MO-West. By then, he should have physically recovered.

Why did the coach tell him to stay home?

Because my son informed him that he had picked up a case of scalp ringworm from some unknown fellow wrestler sometime in the last two weeks.

How did we learn of that?

I told you how my son cut his hair in response to a comment of a prospective employer. Well, I don’t know what inspired him, but he came home tonight and shaved his hair off until it was in a military flat top style. When he did, we saw the ringworm and started treating it right away. He called his coach to inform him, who told him that he shouldn’t come to practice.

If he had not cut his hair, we probably would have learned about it when patches of his hair started falling out!

Just another case of Providential protection!

My son went to bed early tonight. He needed to. He 

lightheadedness, flashing lights, headaches

can’t go to practice

time to rest and rehabilitate
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