He tricked me

My son took his new super duper VERY expensive skateboard when we went to the park. He tried to get me on it but I politely refused. Instead, I watched him send the board rolling in front of him, break into an all out sprint, jump on the board and then cruise effortlessly along.

When he asked me a second time to ride it, I caved in and agreed. I wanted to be a good sport, you know the fun dad that kids love. I mean, I’m too young to fully embrace my eventual destiny as an old fuddy duddy.

And, after all, he made it look SO easy!

And it was fun…for awhile.

But, I had had enough fun for one day so I decided to ride the board back toward him. My plan was to turn, stop, get off and give the board back to him. I started my sharp turn to stop but as I tried to lift my rear foot, I discovered that it had become completely attached to the board. I COULDN’T MOVE IT!

My brain became so preoccupied with my inability to get my foot off of the board and onto the ground that I failed to notice that I was falling! However, that small oversight was quickly brought to my attention when I slammed onto the bike path at my son’s feet. When I say slammed, I mean SLAMMED! I did nothing to break my fall! And it hurt!

It must have looked funny because all he did was laugh!

After I got over the initial pain, I wondered why I ever agreed to such a stupid thing! I mean, I was never good at that sort of thing when I was young and in my prime. What the heck was I thinking? I am approaching 50.

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