A sweet father daughter reunion!

My second daughter called me to inform me that she will be moving to Nashville! We are excited about that because there is a strong spiritual community there with many young people actively serving God.

Her goal is to be there by the end of the year. As we talked, I asked her why she thought she should wait until the end of the year. In my opinion, if you feel that God wants you to move to a certain location and He hasn’t told you to wait, you should do everything that you can to make that happen.

While she said many things, in the end she wanted to try to fix up some of the things that she had messed up. In short, she wanted to save her dignity.

I told her that as an objective (well…somewhat) bystander, she could fix all of those things in Nashville and probably do it faster. If God wants you to live in Nashville, staying in Detroit will not make things better.

The fact is that anyone who truly cares about her could care less about what she has messed up in the past. They, we, I just want to see her restored.

“So, you have a mess to clean up. Fine. Let’s clean it up together. We’ll get it done faster that way.”

I was careful to always leave the decision in her hands. I was just a friend giving her my perspective.

At the end of the call, she was sobbing.

I thanked God for the opportunity to be her father again! I wonder what she will decide…

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  1. Patricia says:

    I don’t know her that well, in fact I’ve only talked to her about 2x at church. But even by watching, she’s always had a tender spot in my heart. Mainly its because I was there, where she has been & where she is, for a very very long time. There were weeks & months when my mom didn’t know if I was dead or not.

    But God protected me all the way.

    One things for sure…God always always always brings ’em back. I know…coz I was one of ’em :) I strayed away for about a decade.

    And He didn’t stop pursuing me till He won me over with His love. And now I’m a junkie for Him. I’m sure He’ll do the same for her.

    And she’ll have an even more powerful testimony…coz now she’ll own it. :)

    I’ll continue to pray for her.

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