What’s the word I am looking for?

On our way to church, I found myself in the middle of an unscheduled ESL class. English was proving to be difficult a difficult language this morning.

My son and youngest daughter had gone to see some friends perform “My Fair Lady” last night. They then went to the cast party and did not get home until the wee hours of the morning.

My daughter was raving about the guy who played Eliza Doolittle’s father: “He was great! He was totally uninhabited!”…

It is amazing how much one little letter changes the meaning of all of the letters around it! It is amazing how much laughter that one little letter can generate!

Seeing that I was having great difficulty recovering, my wife gently corrected her, “You mean uninhibited, honey. Uninhabited means that no one is living there.”

My daughter winced…

My wife asked what part another cast member that we know played.

My son piped up, “He was the beertender.”…

More laughter…

Again my wife came to the rescue. “You mean he was the bartender?”

He winced.

I guess we will all be taking naps this afternoon.

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