Pull over, son!

I have had a great 5 days today! The weather changes here about every two hours!

My son got pulled over by a policeman today! This is the second time in three weeks! Have I said that he was a fine young man in previous posts? Maybe I should reconsider…

The cop told him to get his hands in the air as he approached the car! But then he saw that cute, what-did-I-do-wrong-officer face and became quite friendly. He even invited him to sit in the passenger seat of his air conditioned (my son’s car is not!) car. Big A was pretty happy with that.

It turns out that our CA registration just expired on the car…

And he doesn’t have a KS driver’s license yet…

So, he got off with a warning AGAIN and we have 30 days to fix everything.

Come to think of it, I still use my CA drivers license too, so I guess I will be heading to the DMV real soon.

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3 Responses to Pull over, son!

  1. Rosie says:

    Only Anson could get away with that.

  2. Genwhirl says:

    Oh my gosh…you’ve got to be kidding?!?!?! How is it possible that ANSON is able to “blonde” his way out of a ticket and I cannot for the life of me. A quote Mrs. Ahlstrom used to say comes to mind: “Life isn’t fair but God is good.”

  3. Patricia says:

    Did Anson have corn rows or his big afro by any chance while he was driving? Maybe that’s why the cop pulled him over…I think it’s illegal to have that kind of hair there in KS 🙂

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