OK I’ll take you in

Before I left Kansas City, I tried to schedule a tour the Chicago Board of Options Exchange but could only leave a message.

The woman in charge returned my call somewhere in Iowa and told me that they are not conducting tours during the summer.

“Is there an individual that can give me a short, mini-tour?”

“No. Everyone is very busy and held to a very tight schedule. I am sure that you are in Chicago often.”

“No, I’m not. In fact, this will be the first time and I am just passing through on the way to help my daughter.”

“Well, I’m sorry.”

“What if God gives me favor with a security guard and he takes me? Would I be doing anything wrong?”


We hung up.

This morning, I walked up to the front desk and told the security guard what you just read. He asked, “What was the woman’s name?” I told him.

“Let’s call her.”

Now, I didn’t want to upset this woman so I volunteered to talk to her.

She answered the phone, “Is there some guy down there that wants a tour?”


“I told him yesterday…”

I started laughing hysterically. When I could catch my breath, I told her, “I know you did. I’m that guy.”

“You just don’t get the message very easily, do you?”

“Look, let me tell you a story…(I then proceeded to tell her about meeting Dan Gable yesterday)…So, I’m here. I have to at least try!”

“Well, today is your lucky day.”

She came down and personally gave me the tour as well as some good, sound advice for my investing in the future!

The Bible says that “you have not because you ask not.” I am at least going to make sure that I ask!

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