What a difference $10 makes

My second daughter’s boss gave her the night off. Instead of working until midnight and leaving in the morning, we decided to leave right away.

I took her to say good-bye to her best friend, to the restaurant to pick up her last check and say good-bye to more friends and then deposited her check at the bank. She was crying. She knows that this move to Nashville is right but that doesn’t make leaving close friends any easier.

We drove for several hours and got reacquainted. I had to keep reminding myself that even though she is making this change and I am helping her, she is still a young adult woman on her own. She doesn’t necessarily want my opinion on things.

After driving for several hours, I decided to find a place to sleep. I tried another Hampton Inn since last night went so well.

$153 per night!

“What about a AAA discount?”

“Not tonight. There is a big race at one of the tracks in the area and a big country music concert. We only have two rooms left.”

Back on the road until I saw a Super 8. I had a good experience with them in Wichita Falls, TX.

The first thing that got my attention was the price-$99 plus taxes. I thought “prices just must be higher in this area of the country.”

The room was clean, but then I started to notice things.

The toilet was so close to the wall that you had to slide onto the seat from the side so that you could avoid the toilet paper holder. When I went to turn off the light, I noticed that four 4″ tiles were missing.

The bed was comfortable but the pillows were lumpy. I fought with them all night!

When I awoke for the FINAL time in the morning, I was kicking myself for paying so much for such a poor quality room especially when I thought of my stay in the Hampton Inn in night before!

We got ready, jumped back in the car and resumed our trek to Nashville. In less than 10 miles, we saw many nice hotels advertising prices of $49.95!

Why didn’t I just drive a little further?

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