A gracious arrangement

I spent the better part of the morning putting the T-Bird back together. It has been in a state of disrepair since the accident. I don’t have a garage so I worked out in the open under a shared carport.

To be truthful, I felt a little like white trash. (Just 48 hours ago, I felt like a hero!) But, the work has to get done! This is no time to stroke my ego. To quote the popular phrase, “It is what it is.” 

I called the guy who quoted the paint job. Since he won’t be able to actually start working on the car for 1-2 months, we worked out an agreement. He will let me store the car there. When he is ready to work on the car, if I decide to have him paint the car, there will be no charge. If I decide not to, I will have to pay him $100/month as a storage fee.

That is very reasonable! I did not want to sign a long term contract to rent a garage.

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