God thought that I was right!

There is a tremendous irony to my dependable, old truck breaking down this afternoon.

My wife is leaving for California for one week. She will visit her parents for a few days and then join two friends in Big Bear for three days of talking and fellowship. I am calling it Yakfest 2 since the three of them talked non-stop for the entire three days last year.

However, when she returns home next week, I will be in Fargo, ND and will not be able to pick her up from the airport. She was determined to drive the old truck to the airport. However, I was very against it. It just causes me to cringe at the thought of my wife driving this beat up old pickup! I told her that I would take her in our SuperCrew and figure out what to do about getting her home from the airport when she returns from California.

So, since the old truck died, I won the argument!

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