Here we go again

I’d like to say I have no ego left, but that is evidently not true.

I took my old F-150 in for service. Since my wife and son are both out of town, I had to stay at the shop for the entire 2 1/2 hours until they finished. The mechanic is good and he saved me $300 so it is not too bad.

After he finished, I jumped in the truck and headed down the freeway…

until it sputtered and died. I quickly pulled off to the side of the road and tried in vain to restart it.

I called the mechanic and broke the news to him. He showed up 5-10 minutes later. It turns out that the part that he ordered was not quite the right size and broke. He took the offending part back to his shop to fix it.

I just couldn’t bear the thought of being stared at by rush hour traffic so I descended a hill and walked and prayed near the railroad tracks for the hour that it took to fix the part. First, the truck looks bad. And not it is broken down.

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