I really don’t like this part

I started seriously looking for a job today. I went on all of the usual job sites (Hot Jobs, Monster, CareerBuilder) and applied to whatever I thought might fit. I then searched for recruiters because I truthfully didn’t find that many jobs that fit my skills.

I really don’t like looking for a job. I have never been good at it. I have likened it to “finding” a wife. How exactly do you do that?

In the past, I have applied for jobs that I was clearly qualified for and received absolutely no response. I have performed well in interviews and then received the bad news that they chose to go with someone else. Then, when my house was in escrow and I was about to leave California, I received three job offers near my home!

Where were they when I wanted to make a move?

Anyway, the whole process remains pretty much a mystery to me. And therefore, it is not an activity that generally causes me to swell with confidence. In fact, I find it very discouraging.

My cover letter and resumé were written by a professional. While everything on my resumé is entirely truthful, it is hard to remember the details of my past achievements. However, the circumstances surround being laid off are still VERY vivid!

One of the recruiters sent me an information form to fill out. I had to give them both “business” and “peer” references. However, it has been over three years since I have updated my references.

While that should have been simple, the company that I worked for has undergone so much turmoil in the past few years that I really had to search my memory to come up with a current list. In fact, it made me realize how much change I have lived through.

I decided to call each person to ask them if they would be willing to vouch for my character and my past performance before I put them down on the form. One by one, I added them until I ended up with a fairly impressive list. And, in the process of our conversations, I began to remember that I was/am a VERY good employee!

It is amazing what happens when you just jump in and start tackling a problem.

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