Happiness is a good mechanic!

When I left my wife in Kansas City last August, perhaps it was unfair, but I told her that one of the first things that she needed to do was to find a good mechanic.

Well, one year later, I think I have finally found one.

In my book, a good mechanic is honest (he doesn’t tell you that you need work that you really don’t), charges fair prices and is competent at what they do. After being generally disappointed in my short time in Kansas City, I think I have found two.

Tim Read, proprietor of V&P Racing has been a great help to me. He usually creates high performance vehicles for high end clients. Yet, he was willing to fix my old F-150, stood behind his work and his prices were very reasonable.

The second one is Chris at Klassen Automotive. I took my nice truck in because the brakes were starting to ‘shimmy’. Long story short, he fixed a potentially very expensive leak in my rear axle and told me that I could safely delay fixing the brakes for another 5-10,000 miles. All told, I spent less than $40!

All that is left is to find work and a permanent place to live…LOL!

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