Those pictures are where?!?!

Yesterday morning, my wife convinced me to let her take a couple of pictures with my son since I am thinner than she has EVER seen me. The last time I was at this weight, I was 18 years old. I met her when I was 21.

So, I took of my shirt, dusted off a few muscle poses from my teenage years and let her snap a few shots.

Last night, I noticed that my son was cropping the photographs. I had no problem with that. He looks REALLY good.

This morning, I asked him what he was doing. He posted them to his page in Facebook. After a few more questions, I discovered that he posted the entire picture on his Facebook site! Me, a 48 year old man with my shirt off, flexing his “muscles”! Posted on the Internet!!!

I told them to take it off.

“Why? You look good!”

“Get me off of there!”

“But, Da-a-a-ad…”

“Dude, if I’m not off there in fifteen minutes, you won’t be able to use the computer for a month!”


“Now you have fourteen minutes.”

He took them off.

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