My little disciple

My youngest daughter has taken the plunge. She is going to use her first daily planner.

We found a pretty pink cover at Office Depot in the Bargain Bin for $8!

She will be using “week-at-a-glance” pages that I designed and printed up.

We discovered that both Staples and Office Depot ONLY “month-at-a-glance” pages for 2009. You would think that they would have a mid-year version with all of the back-to-school materials they are promoting. We wound up stumbling upon an 18 month (June 2008 through Dec. 2009) set by Franklin-Covey at Target.

She then wanted a small Bible that would fit inside her planner cover. The Bible bookstore that we went to just happened to be having a sale on Bibles today! She saved 33%!

She is very excited.

I am very excited for her!

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