Do you think that I’m a little late?

I am 48 years old. I have been working very hard since I was 12 years old. And today, I am embarrassed to say this, but I just set up my first IRA account with Charles Schwab.

We started out our marriage with a $7,000 nest egg.

We were a young, zealous Christian couple that was determined to reform the world starting with our family! We were going to practice natural family planning (no artificial birth control here!) and have our first child at home.

We payed the mid-wife $2,ooo. Everything was going according to plan until the contractions started! The mid-wife sent us to the hospital and our first born child was delivered via C-section! And we have had no savings account since then!

Oh, I know that I should have just put money in my 401K but for most of my married life, we have needed every last penny to pay the bills and feed the little rug rats.

And so now, at the very young age of 48, I am starting to save for retirement!

Well, who wants to retire anyway? Retirement was invented by Otto von Bismarck as a way to defeat his political opponents.

I agree with the Rascal Flatt’s lyrics: ” I wanna be running when the sand runs out.” I started out our marriage determined to reform the world, so I guess I will head into the next life with both guns blazing!

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2 Responses to Do you think that I’m a little late?

  1. Genwhirl says:

    Dad…I love you. This blog made me laugh because you called us “rug rats” and smile sentimentally. You and Mom will always be radical and wild until the day you die; I love that about you two. Thank you for having me! I’m sorry I ruined your “natural family planning” approach to child birth! =)

  2. Amy Lentz says:

    Mr. Worrell,
    What a pleasure it is to read your blog this late at night. I am sure that sleeping should be the correct verb that I should place into my life right now. However, after almost closing my laptop, i realized that I hadn’t (regretfully) come to your site. I am here. And I am amused, smiling, and loving the category section! How funny to know that Jennifer first came into the world in an unexpected way. I believe she’s changing it in the same way she started. I shall continue to come to your site, I am quite thrilled about the ‘category’ section–can’t wait to find the roadtrip one, the one with Anson being late while you picked him up…etc.

    ps. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE being in the same town as Kim. We are fully enjoying ourselves! :)

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