Dylan was right

Bob Dylan was right when he sang that “the times, they are a changin’ ” back in the sixties. However, they haven’t changed for the better.

Last night, my wife and I had to sit down with our son to address some attitude problems that have arisen.

We communicated the problematic things that we have observed and asked him to communicate what was causing this.

It pained me greatly to hear that one of the things that have been bothering him is being called “gay” at school.

My son is clearly not gay. He is a tough, kick butt wrestler. In fact, last year I learned that he had punched a few guys in the face who persisted in harassing him

“What do you mean, you hit him?”

“I hit him.”

“You mean you actually punched him?


“With your fist?”


“Where did you hit him?”

“In the face.”


Last year, three girls approached him and asked if he was gay. He responded, “No, but I’m not going to kiss a girl until I marry her.”

I wish I could have seen their faces when the handsome, athletic guy was telling the girls that he is determined to stay morally pure!

Why are some guys calling him gay? Because he is morally pure. Evidently, the only way to prove that you are not gay is to fornicate and watch pornography. Since he doesn’t, that means that he is gay.

I can’t tell you how this pains me. When I attended high school, the sexual “revolution” had just started to make inroads into our culture. A decided majority of the people left high as virgins. Now, evidently, here in wealthy, upper middle class Overland Park, KS, that is not the case.

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  1. Patricia says:

    i would’ve punched those boys too :(

    in society today, if you don’t run with the crowd, people think you’re strange. i’ve gotten those “weird looks” from people when they ask me why i dont date around.

    LOL i just laugh at them & say, I’m not an empty, shallow person & i don’t need those things to fill me up & make me happy.

    Conceited, i maybe a bit, but it always shuts them up. :D it’s like punching ’em back with words :)

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