Oh yeah, I forgot…

I usually spend the mornings alone. I and the crickets are the only ones up so it is a very peaceful, almost solitary time.

However, as I came up the stairs of our apartment after my morning thanksgiving walk this morning, I was greeted by my wife and two children holding up a sign saying, “Happy Birthday Our Champion! We Love You!” I I was truly surprised. I had forgotten…

Today is my birthday!

Yes, I was born on 9/11. I might point out that I was born on this day LONG BEFORE it became a date to remember here in the United States!

I am finally 49. I say finally because I have been thinking that I am that old for quite awhile.

Anyway, it was a pleasant greeting. It is always both comforting and encouraging to know that there are people who love and appreciate you.

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  1. Patricia says:

    belated happy birthday sir. thank you for sending the sign for rosie. i will upload the slideshow soon so you and cathy can see it.

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