Chasin’ tornadoes

The celebration that I am now officially one year older continued today. My wife and two youngest children took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday at Jack Stack Barbecue.

In the semi-finals of the NCAA basketball tournament, the governor of Kansas made a friendly bet with the governor of North Carolina when the two schools met in the Final Four. The governor of Kansas offered a meal from Jack Stack’s.

Their food is too good! All of that great tasting meat conflicts with my goal of staying lean and light!

The restaurant is only 4 miles from our apartment. As we pulled out of the restaurant after the meal, I turned on the radio to find out the latest on Hurricane Ike. No local station was covering it because we were once again having…

tornado warnings! In fact, evidently, while we were eating, a small one touched momentarily down one mile from us. In fact, we drove right through the area on the way there!

We could hear the tornado warning sirens all the way to my daughter’s Bible study.

My son kept remarking how cool this is. I must say that there is a pretty strong temptation to go out and find our first tornado. But then I think, what if I find it and it turns my way???

Still, the clouds and the wind and the rain are pretty exciting!

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