Off to City Hall

I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind just kept evaluating and re-evaluating whether 2.5 acre house is the one for us.

I decided to go to City Hall to ascertain (right click and look it up!) the feasability (see previous parenthetical comment!) of this property being developed commercially. That was a good decision!

One of the the city’s planners informed me that the entire area around the house is zoned “ultra low density residential” or one house per acre in the city’s Master Plan. It will be quite a fight to get that changed. Even if the fight is successful, it isn’t going to happen in the next few years. Strike one!

Then, I spoke with a young engineer from Public Works. The street that the house sits on is going to change from a two lane country road to a 4 lane throughway with a median. The project is planned to start in 2013. Strike two!

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