My son turned 18 today. Just like his father, he forgot that fact so his boss scheduled him to work tonight.

But, having had much practice at making lemonade (you know, turn your lemons into…), we decided to surprise him by having his party at the pizzeria!

Cakes, my youngest daughter, has been surreptitiously (right click and look it up) invited his friends from school.

His shift ended at 8:00. So, we told everyone to come at 7:30 so he will get to make all of the pizzas for his own birthday party!

Both Cakes and I were a little nervous as we drove to the pizza shop. How many people would show up? You never know…especially with high school kids.

Well, eleven people showed up and had a great time. It was great to see him surrounded by his new friends.

To cap everything off, as everyone was getting into their cars to go home, my son got into Wild Bill, my old, beat up F-150. One of his friends asked, “Is that your truck?”


“Man, that is tight!” and he left his girlfriend’s car to check it out.

You could almost hear my wife’s skin crawl. She has hated that truck nearly from the day I bought it. When I have told her that men like the truck, she won’t believe me! But, now she has undeniable proof that men, young and old, have a sweet spot in their hearts for an old, beat up pickup truck!

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