More bad news

The house voted down the “Bailout Bill” and the market dropped like a rock. The stock that I planned on selling Friday afternoon…

it dropped another $10!!! in 10 MINUTES! That means that it has lost $28 in value per share in just 6 hours! WOW!

You want to test your emotional strength and stability? Take some of your hard earned savings and put it into a stock and then watch that stock drop!

I have a very good friend who has been successfully investing in the stock market for many years that has watched almost 30% of his portfolio disappear in the past few weeks! and it is a sizable portfolio! Ouch!!!

I guess I shouldn’t kick myself too hard for my stupid mistake.

Also, although my father-in-law said that he would be willing to sell some stock to make us a loan for our house, I am not even going to ask him unless we find an absolute STEAL.

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