Where is that video?

Since my job search isn’t going too well and I have suddenly encountered difficulties in trading stocks, I think that it is time to play the “Glad Game.”

The “Glad Game” comes from the movie 1960’s Disney movie “Pollyanna.” Every time things were going badly, Pollyanna would play this game which involved looking at the bright side of things, finding all of the good things in the current situation.

  1. I am getting a very quick (and brutal) education in the stock market!
  2. I am living in historic times! Our country hasn’t seen these kinds of economic difficulties since the Great Depression!
  3. If everything turns south, I have no debt!
  4. If everything turns south, we were very smart to risk ONLY a relatively small amount of our savings!
  5. The Congress actually did what their constituents wanted! Phone calls were running 100 to 1 against this bill! One Congressman said the calls ranged from “No!” and “Hell no!” Might we actually be witnessing the return of representative government?
  6. Our country actually might take this election seriously.

Anyway, life goes on.

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