Finally, a possibility

As you know, I have not been having much success in my search for a job here in my new hometown. I am either over qualified or not qualified enough. It seems that my choices are either working at Home Depot or applying for jobs that require 20 years experience in 15 different IT acronyms, a security clearance just under the president and multiple doctoral degrees!

However, there might have been a break in the logjam today. I interviewed for a job at the end of 2006 with a small company in KC. He really like me and wanted to hire me but it took so long to finish my house that he had to hire someone else.

I called him to see if he knew of any other companies in the area. He said he would be glad to but he wants to hire me himself. He wants me to take over someone’s responsibilities so they can devote more time to sales.

I will have to wait to hear back from him as the man that I will likely replace is out on his honeymoon all of next week.

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