What are you worth?

My son is a good looking young man. He gets that from his mother. However, he is going through a little test right now.

As you probably have read, he is a wrestler. Wrestling requires close physical contact. Unfortunately, at the very end of the season, he came in contact with some bad stuff.

First, he picked up scalp ringworm. He was very diligent to apply the medicine and the disease faded away.

Then, while wrestling at Nationals, he picked up a staff infection. He applied the medicine and it seemed to fade away…

but it didn’t. It morphed into another skin condition.

Back to the doctor. After 3-4 weeks, it became obvious that the prescribed medicine was ineffective.

Next, we went to a dermatologist. For the last week, he has been using the new treatment and it looks like it is working but boy does he look bad!

The medicine causes the infected area of the skin to erupt and scab over. The entire front of his neck is infected! He does not look good!

I feel for him. However, I hope that it is bringing home a point that I have tried to impress upon all of my children:

Your value and/or worth is not based on your physical appearance. It is based upon your character; who you are! Your physical appearance could change in a moment.

He has to walk out that value every day in front of all of his peers at high school!

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  1. patricia says:

    my youngest sister kubie also has some mysterious skin allergy which is a lot like eczema and psoriasis mixed together. she’s had it all over her skin for the past 2 years. she’s 10 now, so she’s quite conscious about it especially when she’s around people who give her skin “strange looks”. i always tell her that her beauty isn’t based on that but she still feels bad about it.

    its always hard when some thing like this happens. but i am in faith that our God is a miracle working God who heals people. and im not going to stop praying about it until i see my answers.

    tell anson he’s included in my prayers.

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