He fit the profile

I could tell that something was wrong as soon as I picked my son up from school at 3:50 this afternoon. (My daughter was running the three miles to our apartment!)

This morning he took a flyer that highlighted the SIGNIFICANT moral differences between the two presidential candidates and showed it to the teacher of his “Government” class.

According to my son, the teacher immediately said that McCain is for abortion in the case of rape, incest, and the health of the mother.

My son, thankfully still being very innocent in these matters, responded by saying that if a young woman is hanging out with druggies, alcoholics, etc., then she is responsible. (No, I don’t agree!)

Well, that sent the teacher into a tailspin. He sent my son to the counselor’s office for the NEXT HOUR where she talked with him about his views on rape.

Well, as soon as I learned of this, I called the school. It turns out that tonight is a second night for Parent-Teacher conferences. I immediately made an appointment for 4:30 with this teacher, took a ten minute shower and rushed to the school.

I tried to enter the school through the door closest to the teacher’s room only to find it locked. I then ran around to the front of the school and then all the way back to the room. I imagine that my approach was probably a little intimidating.

The confrontation then began.

1. McCain does not agree with the “health of the mother” excuse. He specifically denounced Obama for that in the last debate. 

2. Less than 1% of rape victims are impregnated.

3. Why did you (the teacher) take the discussion to this relatively minor, contentious point with a student who was presenting information that pertains to your class?

It turns out that two women who were very close to him were violently raped. One of them evidently committed suicide. He said that my son’s response fit a psychological profile that made him concerned about my son’s respect for women.

I said, “Sir, at this school, not California, my son has had girls offer him specific sex acts if would come to a party with them. He has looked them in the eye and told them that he will not even kiss a girl until he marries her. He has then endured months of constant ridicule for being “gay” because of this. I challenge you to find another young man in your class who respects women that much.”

I forgot to tell him that he threatened to beat the crap out of a football player if he ever showed him porn!

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but needless to say, I was ready for bear!

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