Scouting out the land

In anticipation of a positive interview, I decided to drive to the area to “scout out the land” just in case this actually works out.

First of all, it is 28 miles away! Even if we get a car that gets 30 MPG, that will still cost me a pretty penny just for gas to get to work, not to mention the time spent driving every day. With our nation’s recent gas shortages in the Southeast in mind, I decided to look at houses.

I drove through most of the neighborhoods to get a feel for each one. Guess what I discovered?

It just so happens that the company is one mile from the local high school where one of my son’s coaches at Mo-West is the wrestling coach!

After awhile, I had to find a bathroom. I saw a sign for an “Open House” in a nice neighborhood that is close to the business and the high school so I went in.

It turned out that I entered the house just as the realtor was setting up her papers. The owners were still there and I ended up talking to the husband for a few minutes. The house was nice and it was in our projected price range. If this works out, I will have to see what my wife thinks of it.

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