The house hunt resumes

Having accepted the job offer, I got back to work on finding a house in Blue Springs. When I looked for the house that my wife and I visited, I couldn’t find it when I looked online.

I had to drive out there to see if the house was still for sale. Sure enough, the sign was still in the yard.

I called the owner while parked in his cul-de-sac. I hoped that he would be willing to meet and begin earnest discussions on selling his house to us.

Since our last conversation, he and his wife had second thoughts. It turns out that his realtor is the daughter of the man who they have contracted to build their next, smaller home. The couple is afraid that if they don’t sell the house through their realtor that the builder will raise his price by $9,000.

Well that is clearly not what I want to happen. The man who taught us to purchase real estate using creative financing stressed that both sides win in every deal he puts together.

I reminded the homeowner that the listing expires at the end of December. We won’t be able to qualify for a loan until the end of March. So I am proposing that we rent the house from them until that time and then purchase the house.

I advised the man to call his realtor and ask if the contract on their new house would be affected if they rented their current house. He is supposed to call me back tomorrow.

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