Man it’s busy in here

After I dropped my wife off at Costco this morning, I had an hour to burn before my”Genius Bar” appointment at the Apple store. I had a coupon for a free drink so I decided to do some reading at Starbucks.

As I pulled up, I noticed that the parking lot was nearly full. When I walked in the place was packed! at 10:00 in the morning! on a weekday!

Don’t these people have to go to work? I mean, I have an excuse. I’m only there because my new job won’t start until January 5th.

After ordering and picking up my drink, I found a recently emptied table. As I sat down, I noticed that a man at the table to the right of mine had an Apple MacBook on some type of high tech looking stand.

“I take it you use that thing (the computer) a lot.”

“Yeah. This is my office.”

“Really? What do you do?”

“I write crime novels.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah. You’re on writer’s row. She (the woman with a laptop at the table to the right of his) is also a writer and then there is another guy who usually sits at the next table.”

“I don’t really read novels, but what is your most famous book that I might have heard of?”

He then walked over and pulled out a four color folded business card with his book covers adorning the outsides. His name is Joel Goldman.

But I thought that all of the creative people in the country lived in Los Angeles or New York??? Hmmm…

I assume that the rest of the patrons must work for Sprint since their headquarters are right across the street.

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