It should have been simple

I am under the gun. I have to make some big decisions…soon!

I have six more weeks until I start my new job in Blue Springs. Blue Springs is 30 miles to northeast of our apartment. The church that is going to interview me is 10 miles northwest of us. 

Our attempt to buy the house in Blue Springs has failed. Where should we live???

This morning, my wife and I decided that we would extend our lease at our current apartment for another six months. I went down to the storage facility and three hours later returned with our Christmas decorations and the turkey cooker.

I then went to the apartment office to inform them of our decision. 

Now, during my conversation with my wife this morning, I asked her if she thinks that I make things complicated or are things in fact really complicated? I don’t think that she really answered me. If she did, I can’t remember what she said.

Regardless, here is an example of how things get complicated.

They came back with a monthly amount that is $100 higher than our previous lease! That ticked me off. I told them that I was going to reconsider.

Well, to make a long story short, I am going to look at a new apartment and a duplex tomorrow. I will save $180/month with the other apartment and $300/month if we lease the duplex.

I will keep you posted as to where this eventually ends.

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