It is really good

I had to have one…

I had just finished my appointment with a man at the Prayer Room. The Higher Grounds coffee shop was right next door! But I only had two $1 bills in my pocket and it cost $3.15!

I put myself in this predicament. Just yesterday we converted our bank accounts from California to Kansas yesterday and my bank card was now useless.

I did think of this as I got dressed this morning but just before I walked out the door, the usual last minute suspects carried out a surprise attack on me so that I rushed out the door so I would not be late for my appointment. After all, we had been playing phone tag for the better part of three weeks!

I unlocked the truck, threw my bag in and started scrounging around for every last piece of loose change that I could find. I eventually found 85 cents.

However, one of the dimes fell out of my hand, and out of the truck. I gently closed the door and picked it up. When I stood back up, I realized that my keys were now safely locked inside of the truck on the driver’s seat.

Now, the door was just partially closed. I couldn’t open it. However, if I didn’t completely close it, then the battery would be drained because the associated lights were on.

I ran back inside to the front desk and told them of my predicament.

“No, problem.”

They dialed a number and handed me the phone. It rang and rang.

“No one answered?”


Both of them looked confounded. That was the number to their 24/7 security company.

They gave me another number. I dialed it on my phone and thankfully, someone answered. I told them of my situation.

“You couldn’t have called at a worse time! Our van has just left for a security problem at the bank and will not be able to be there for at least an hour.”

I told them to please send them anyway and that I would call if I figured out another solution.

What would MacGyver do?

I ran to the back of the property, uprooted a four foot long twig growing out of the ground, stripped it, ran back to the front parking lot, pried the top of the door open just wide enough to fit the twig inside, punched the “Unlock” button and retrieved my keys and cancelled the security call.

But, I was still 30 cents short…

I went in, groveled and asked the cashier for a loan from the tip cup and got my medium size cup of Vanilla Chai!!!

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  1. Rosie says:

    Wow. I’m not even that desperate when the coffee urge hits. I’m impressed!

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