We are blessed!

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It definitely is my favorite meal!!!!!!

We finished our celebration this evening!

I had been carrying the ball, telling stories and reminding everyone of the incredible things that happened this year. However, tonight I mostly listened while everyone else recounted all of the great things that happened in their individual lives. My wife even got into the act!

My oldest daughter, Bean, was hired by Neiman Marcus about this time last year. 

Since my wife and two young ones were already here in KC, she was the only one who could help me get the house ready for sale while she finished her last semester at Cal State Northridge. We finally listed the house for sale the Monday before Thanksgiving last year.

When she got to Texas she met someone who gave her FREE housing in the NICEST area of Dallas for her first six months there!

Anyway, the stories, while not as elaborate as mine, still lasted several hours and they were very heartwarming.

I think that this was our best Thanksgiving yet. I think that our ‘new’ way of celebrating finally became a tradition this year.

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