A faithful man who can find?

I lost roughly 30 lbs. this year.

The typical response is “That’s great!”

Actually, losing the weight was pretty easy. For most of the first half of the year, I lived alone and had to cook for myself. That coupled with exercise and a few extended fasts and the weight peeled off pretty quickly.

However, you have NO idea how much credit I deserve for keeping it off!!! Really!

I live with a woman who enjoys food.

You might say, “And your point is…?”

Well, because she enjoys food, she also takes great joy in preparing great tasting food…and I do mean GREAT tasting food!

Just to give you the latest example, a few days ago, she made this fabulous “shepherd’s pie.” It is the perfect winter food! It tastes great, holds heat well and has the mushy texture of ground beef and mash potatoes.

For your information, it snowed here the day after Thanksgiving. Our early morning temperatures here in KC have been in the low teens! Are you STARTING to get the picture?

Can you imagine how difficult it is to eat just O-N-E, M-E-D-I-U-M sized bowl of it? Do you have any idea how much self-control it requires?

To add to the degree of difficulty, she made tons of it!

And, since all of the ingredients have had time to intermingle with the ingredients next door, it tastes even better as leftovers!

Every time I open the refrigerator, it talks to me.  And I do mean every time! It tastes just as good at breakfast as it does at dinner.

Now, if that isn’t enough trouble, my wife is also a mother. That means that she has produced offspring. Her last child is nearly her clone. Cakes (my youngest daughter) is really Bunch (my wife), Rev. 1.2! She too is a lovable, outgoing fuzzball who also enjoys food.

And since this is the Christmas season, what could be more perfect than…


Not one or two…

how about 4 DOZEN!!!

So, in the refrigerator, I have shepherd’s pie asking me if I want to slip under the covers just to get warm and comfy…

and then, sitting on the counter, dozens of fun, delicious, playful chocolate chip cookies asking me if I just want to play!…

Oh no, not with all of them…

At least not at the same time. That would be unseemly.

But wouldn’t I like to play with just one of them?…

No one will notice…

and it would be so much fun!!!

No one knows how tough it is to stay faithful!

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3 Responses to A faithful man who can find?

  1. Genwhirl says:

    Oh, the odes that should be written in honor of your self discipline! Ha! I have now come to a new realization: Mom is a meanie! And what’s more, Rach is learning how to be a meanie from Dad in one way and Mom in another…haha!=)

    I did laugh out loud at this post.

  2. Rosie says:

    Oh! How I miss her cooking. I feel your pain and I will be praying for you…while I chow down on some cookies.

  3. Hope says:

    I have a comment not related to your blog but I have been wanting to ask you for a while. My father passed earlier this year. I wanted to know if he were Christian where is he and what is he doing? If he was not a Christian again where is he and what is he doing? Always thinking about him.


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