Talk about the weather

When I lived in Southern California, I must tell you that I thought that people who talked about the weather were really lame.

I mean, come on…

Don’t you have ANYTHING more interesting to talk about?

Now that I live in KC, I understand.

Try this on for size…

When I picked my wife up from Costco last night at 9:00, it was 60 degrees.

Today, it is 28 and everything is COVERED in at least 3″ of snow!

Traffic was slowed to a crawl because the streets are covered in ice! I watched in disbelief as a Mercedes slowly slid into the right lane even though its wheels were turned all the way to the left. To make it more remarkable, this happened while they were waiting for the light to turn green!

Talk about adventure…

Meanwhile, people in Southern California probably had another BORING day of sunshine…just like the last 473 days!

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