He’s finally legal

There were several delays before he got his day in court. He had to be rejected by the people of California. Then he had to suffer the same hardship in Kansas and Missouri.

But finally, by a four to three decision, Wild Bill was released from his California prison. There was a judge representing each state (CA, AZ, NM, OK, TX, KS, MO) that he has traveled since the day he left his regular domicile. An Arizona judge cast the deciding vote. He’s been on the lam for 8 weeks.

What in the world am I talking about? I finally registered my old F150 (Wild Bill) in Kansas. His CA registration expired at the end of October. I tried to sell him but no one wanted him. Maybe I should have advertised that he starts right up even in the cold. Shoot, I tried to sell him back in Los Angeles where it doesn’t get cold and no one wanted him.

So, I decided that he could stay on with me for awhile longer until his luck changes and he finds work somewhere else. Perhaps the Big Cowboy in the sky has a few more adventures up His sleeve!

The story about the trial is a mnemonic (right click and look it up) device to help me remember the new license plate: 423 AZJ.

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