Much more than I had hoped for

I have once again been amazed at the goodness of God!

In previous posts, I have told you about the dramatic changes that God has been bringing about in my second daughter. As profound as the last big change was, it turned out that it was just the next big step.

As a father, I know how fast life will come at my children because I have seen it in my own life. Therefore, I continually push them to mature, to accept responsibility, to develop good character and habits. Their foundation needs to be solid before the storms of life start beating against their house.

In my eyes, Kimba’s wandering cost her dearly. Time was lost. Bad decisions were made. To her credit, rather than running or pretending, she is turning and facing the consequences. I am so proud of how honest she is being with herself.

Although she asked Mom and I to once again exercise authority in her life, I don’t feel the freedom to begin barging into her life. I much prefer to be invited.

However, there is much ground that needs to be recovered. Where should I begin? How do I bring it up?

It turns out that I don’t have to. God has done more in the last two weeks than I could have hoped for in the next six months!

When Kimba went back to work at The Macaroni Grill after Christmas, she cried when she learned that the manager who hired her and has really believed in her was being moved to another location. However, her new manager is more than a manager at a local restaurant. She is a gift from God!

She has a history of helping young people achieve their dreams in life. I don’t mean just succeeding in their work responsibilities. I mean life! She has already sat down and pressed Kimba to tell her what she wants to accomplish in her life and what practical obstacles she is facing (debt and education!). She is working with Kimba to develop a practical plan to achieve her dreams and then to walk it out!

How much better is that than hearing your father bring up painful areas in your life?!

God is doing more in her heart than I had hoped for much faster than I could have imagined. I have decided that I will just continue to stay in the place of prayer and stay out of His way!

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  1. Patricia says:

    :) this makes me so happy!

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